By Georgina Fihosy — April 10, 2014, editor of That Healthy Feeling.

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Keziah Connections April Networking Drinks

As I rolled up the escalators and out through the exit of Warren Street station towards the Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel, I was not quite sure what to expect. I was about to attend my first ever Keziah Connections networking evening, an event that I had heard about through various social media handles, but had never had the opportunity to attend.

So after arranging to leave toddler THF with her daddy, I was more than thrilled to get the night off and head down to the hotel for what turned out to be a really fun evening.


Having attended many events where the sessions have been incredibly didactic, overcrowded, loud and with little room for networking and opinion sharing, this was a pleasant surprise. The venue was both warm and intimate, an ideal setting for discussions to be had with like-minded women in one space.

I had the opportunity to talk to women involved in start-up businesses covering a range of different industries from accounting and fashion to beauty and health, women with common interests to my own especially around blogging, beauty and lifestyle and women who were making major moves in their chosen paths, many of these women doing amazing things, whilst still clocking in those hours, doing their everyday 9 to 5.

Keziah Connections April Networking Drinks - Ronke Adeyemi

Speakers on the night included Ronke Adeyemi, the woman behind the ever popular #brownbeauty twitter discussion that take place every Sunday evening at 8pm. Ronke  talked about the evolution of her brand and gave some top tips on how to get started. Ronke has just launched a new online magazine – if you haven’t had a chance to browse the website, here’s you opportunity.

We also had the pleasure of talking to Theresa Fowler, an author, public speaker and weight loss coach who shared her personal rebranding journey and how she lost over 100Ibs. Theresa shared some great tips and messages and one that resonated with me was around the idea that “Your business idea comes from your heart space.” and that if your business is your passion you are on the right track.

It was a really lovely evening and I’m glad that I finally got to attend. I look forward to the next one. I thank Natalie Clue, founder of Keziah Connections and editor of theBeautyPulseLondon blog for putting these events together. Head on over to the Keziah Connections website and particular read about the organization and why she chose the name of her brand.

Keziah Connections April Networking Drinks - Georgina Fihosy and Natalie Clue

Keziah Connections April Networking Drinks - Georgina Fihosy and Leillah Sekalala