Last night I made my way down to the Keziah Connections event, and although Keziah Connections have had events in the past, this was the very first one for me. I  didn’t know exactly what to expect at the event and didn’t know anyone that was going. But as Fashion Fair was collaborating and hosting the event alongside Keziah Connections I thought it would only be fair to bring the woman who introduced me to the world of makeup and this particular brand…my mother. So on the same day of the event I managed to get her a ticket to come along with me and experience exactly what it is I intended to get up to.

The Keziah Connections event was hosted at Fashion Fair HQ kicking off at 6pm and ending the night at 8:30pm. We arrived (not on time, might I add #blackpeopletime) and met the amazing Natalie (BeautyPulseLondon) and was guided into the room with all the other brown beauties. It was such a relief to see the room buzzing with laughter, smiles and chitter chatter, the atmosphere was so relaxed. The beginning of the evening was full of networking, munching on food that was served, popping champagne bottles, having makeovers and our hair did… All in the name of Black History Month and celebrating/promoting the work us ladies do, as well as inspiring and being inspired by all the women in the room.

During the event I had the chance to catch up with my bae Jo from PatentPurpleLife and finally met the beautiful Christine from YvesChild in the flesh! Amongst many other beauties networking their brand throughout the evening. There was then a talk by the inspiring Connie Jackson herself, educating us all on the history of Fashion Fair, the journey that the brand has been on till now and what their goals are for the future, it is a speech that I wont forget easily, especially these few words….
We are not an after-thought”
We have a superior product”
WoC shouldn’t ever be an after-thought, we are a consumer just like everyone else, but if no one wants our custom then a brand like Fashion Fair can, one that cares for their customers, and understands the pigmentation and varying shades women of colour have. Affordable, Unique and one of the Superior brands in the business.
The night was truly amazing and I cannot wait for the next one Natalie, and thank you so much Fashion Fair for mine and my mother’s goodies!