The second Keziah CONNECTIONS Nurture and Network™  event took place on the 25th September 2012 at the chic and glamorous Illuminum Fragrance Lounge in London.
The theme of the evening was « The Product-How to develop it and get it into the right stores ».

The keynote speakers shared their experience and gave some useful tips to the audience.

Christine Benson

Christine Benson, CEO at Unique Brand Partners and brand manager and at Illuminum.
Christine Benson is an experienced beauty buyer and retailer, having worked at Selfridges and House of Fraser. She shared her expertise on product development, branding and launch.
« Do not rush your product in order to launch by a specific date »

Dr Yana Johnson

Dr Yana Johnson, founder and director of Yana Cosmetics.
She talked about her brand development over the last 12 years and gave some advice on how to work in a department store.
« Understand how to sell in department stores. Be aware that they take a large margin, and prepare to operate and follow the rules of the shop, which often means dealing with your own team as well as the wider political arena”

At the end of the evening, the guests had the chance to taste the Illuminum Experience. This exclusive range of 32 elegant and beautiful perfumes are grouped into 4 families – Floral, Citrus, Musk and Oud. The Vaporizer perfumes contain 15% perfume oil and Haute Perfume 30%. The colour of each perfume are determined by their own ingredient.


“Another glamorous and insightful evening was spent at the Keziah Connections Nurture and Network evening last Tuesday. This was the second of the Keziah Connection events, which have so far been full of rich conversation, inspiring speakers and held at some of the most decadent beauty venues in London.”

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