The UK beauty industry is in better shape than it has ever been, with a value of over £15bn and employing almost a million workers, according to recent research carried out by Cosmetic Executive Women UK. Emerging relatively unscathed by the economic woes that dealt a devastating blow to many other industries, the beauty sector continues to innovate and break new boundaries. The areas of growth that are cited include the men’s and anti-aging sectors, but as I have stated many a time, one area that is often neglected is that of the burgeoning Ethnic Beauty market. This plight was highlighted once again…

…last night I had the following Twitter exchange with fellow ‘New Face for Your Twitter Feed’ and award-winning beauty blogger Charlotte, the author of




As I stated in my exasperated tweets (please forgive my typos and grammatical errors…I was extremely annoyed!), I am at a loss as to why ANY brand would launch a range of new foundations that do not also cater for the woman of colour in 2013!!!

Charlotte swiftly addressed the matter in post she published today, which has already garnered several responses. Do let Charlotte know your thoughts too!




It is for this reason that I am pleased to announce that Dr Yana Johnson MBE (who was the keynote speaker at the September 2012 Keziah CONNECTIONS Nurture and Network evening) and I will be redressing this imbalance by presenting the needs of this market to the attendees of the second annual Making Cosmetics exhibition.

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Speaking on the topic of the Growing Demand for Ethnic Personal Care products, Yana and I will discuss several important themes’ including the changing British demographic, the rise of the Woman of Colour ‘Beautypreneur’ and how they see the development of the ethnic beauty sector within the mainstream industry.

I know that this is a pivotal time for the industry, as the Ethnic Beauty market develops in leaps and bounds. For the market to attain its full potential it is essential that the mainstream industry is informed about and alerted to the needs of this lucrative consumer group and that those who are making key decisions about the future of the industry are aware of how to address and cater for these needs.

Do you know what I need?
Do you know what I need?

I believe that as this topic is brought to the fore, the resulting outcomes will be beneficial to all stakeholders – manufacturers, retailers and the customer – and will have a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

Yana’s life’s work has been to serve the multi-ethnic market and she takes pleasure in identifying needs and providing solutions that work.

The Yana Cosmetics mission statement is to Change The Way Cosmetics are Bought and Sold in the UK as well as providing more choice.

Making Cosmetics, which takes place at the NMM Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from 12 – 13 March, 2013, will provide an exhibition, seminars, technical presentations and a problem solving clinic for anyone sourcing, manufacturing or outsourcing personal care products in the UK. The event is for brand owners, formulators, importers, chemists, engineers, marketing executives, business development managers and personal care consultants. The free seminars will cover areas including new product development, compliance and regulations, scale-up and manufacture, marketing and branding, risk assessment and packaging.

The event is free to attend.


If you are a brand owner or have a desire to create your own range one day this exhibition is not to be missed!

Visit to register. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

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